cosmetic dentistA person’s smile is one of the first things people notice. It conveys confidence and happiness. However, any darkly coloured food can easily darken that smile. These are a few of the commonly consumed foods to watch out for.

1. Tea & Coffee
Many can’t wake up without a cup of joe to start the day. Unfortunately, this morning ritual can also create some terrible stains. This is because the tooth enamel is porous and can hold particles of food. When you drink dark coloured liquids, it can become trapped and cause your teeth to yellow. These hot liquids also cause teeth to expand, widening those pores and allowing more colouring to get in. However, by reducing the number of times you drink coffee or tea, you can lessen the effect.

2. Berries
Fruits are great for maintaining a healthy body, though they’re less kind on your teeth. They are also acidic, which can erode your teeth enamel and cause pain and sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Other citrus fruits have a similar effect. They contain a food compound called tannins which boosts the ability of the coloured molecules to stain your teeth. The best way to combat the stains is to drink water along with the fruits to dilute and wash away the colouring. You can also drink milk or eat hard cheeses to neutralize the fruit’a acidity.

3. Red Wine
This drink is not only terrible to white clothing, but it’s also hard on white teeth. Everyone has seen someone take a sip to later reveal a purple-toothed grin. Avoid these embarrassing situations by brushing before drinking. Wine can cling onto the plaque that collects on the surface of your teeth. By removing as much of this plaque as possible, you can reduce the effects. It’s also a bad idea to drink white wine before that glass of red. The acidity of the white wine erodes your enamel and primes your teeth to take on extra purple colouring.

4. Balsamic Vinegar
This dark coloured liquid is more dangerous due to its high acidity. The acid softens the enamel and makes them more susceptible to discolouration. But don’t toss that salad dressing just yet. By pairing it with high fiber foods, like spinach or broccoli, you can alleviate some of the damaging effects. These foods cause more saliva production in your mouth which helps to wash away a bit of the colouring.

5. Tomato Sauce 
This is one sauce that is hard to get out, no matter what it’s on. The next time you’re out to an Italian meal, drink some sparkling water along with your pasta. The bubbles will help loosen and remove the stains.

To prevent stains, make sure these foods don’t stay in your mouth for long. Brush or rinse after a meal and it’ll help keep your teeth white and your breath fresh. For more serious cases, ask your cosmetic dentist about possible teeth whitening procedures. You’ll have a brighter smile in no time!