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With all the illnesses and diseases to which children are susceptible, it may surprise most people to learn that the most common medical problem for young children is actually tooth decay. It can cause all kinds of problems, ranging from mild toothache to cavities, forcing kids to miss school for emergency appointments with the dentist. The latest in pediatric dental care emphasizes the importance of proper care for teeth and gums to avoid serious problems.

Tooth decay is a common childhood problem
Even compared with such common chronic childhood illnesses as asthma, allergies, obesity, and diabetes, tooth decay is the most frequent, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. It occurred at rates five higher than asthma and four times higher than early-childhood obesity. It occurs 20 times more frequently than diabetes
Tooth decay leads to cavities, which are common occur among children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that almost one in five children in the U.S. has cavities that require treatment. For children between the ages of two and five, 19.5% have untreated cavities while 22.9% of kids between six and nineteen years of age likewise need treatment for cavities.
If left untreated, tooth decay and cavities can lead to medical emergencies. According to the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, students lose more than 51 million school hours each year due to health problems related to dental issues. When such problems do occur, they can be treated with the latest in pediatric dental care.

Sports injuries and how to prevent them
Another common problem seen by childrens dentists is sports injuries, usually in the form of broken or even missing teeth. As many as 39% percent of dental injuries in kids happen while kids are playing sports, reports Colgate. The vast majority of dental injuries in children, about
80%, affect one of the front teeth.
This is why wearing helmets and mouth guards is so important. They help to prevent sports injuries in sensitive areas. If an accident does happen, it’s best to get the patient to a dentist quickly. Apart from treating the injury and resulting pain, the latest in pediatric dental care also offers many options in cosmetic dentistry to rebuild broken or missing teeth.

Good dental practices for kids
Good dental care is very much a matter of routine. The truth is that most people don’t find it easy to follow the regular practices of brushing and flossing, and biannual visits to the dentist. In fact on average people make an appointment to see a dentist only once in three years. Only about one-fifth or 22% floss daily, and fully 75% of people don’t replace their toothbrushes every three months as recommended by dentists.
Regular brushing and flossing and checkup visits to the dentist can go a long way to ensuring good oral health, and minimizing the chance of serious problems.

With a proper oral health routine, most major problems can be avoided. If and when they do occur, quality dental care can provide the latest in pediatric dental care.