Teeth are very important for a variety of reasons. Additionally, each tooth in a person’s mouth has a purpose. Some include chewing, grinding, and crushing food. Teeth help people because chewing food into smaller pieces makes it easy to swallow and digest. Without them, people could encounter some problems. Dentists recommend their patients see them two times a year for a professional teeth cleaning and a teeth, gum, and mouth checkup. All people should also get regular checkups every six months. Keeping up with dental hygiene and dental care ensures that your gums are healthy, (46% of adults show signs of gum disease), your teeth are strong and not decayed (27% of adults have untreated tooth decay), and there aren’t any signs of oral cancer (this is most common in older adults). However, what happens when you can’t visit a dental office? Whether it’s because of a conflicting schedule, care issues or dental insurance, and travel issues- sometimes you can’t make it to the dentist. This is where mobile dental services step in to help. Mobile dental care has many benefits. Here are a few:

Helps Those Who Can’t Travel

It is no secret that a patient needs to travel to a dental office in order to speak with, and see a dentist. A checkup, a cleaning, and certain dental procedures are all completed in a dental office. Visiting a dental office is a minute task for those that can travel. It is viewed as simply something we must do. We have to take care of our teeth and dental hygiene. However, there are some individuals who cannot travel to dental offices to meet with a dentist. For individuals with health issues, transportation is not possible. Mobile dental services can help these individuals. Essentially, many mobile dental services appear in a mobile dental van. These vans carry the dentist, staff, and all equipment. The van then travels to the patient! This could be at a nursing home, a school, or community buildings. The patients can receive the dental care they need without having to move from their location. This is understandable ideal for older patients and those with health problems.

Helps Those With Money or Health Care Issues

First, mobile dental services are cheaper to run than dental services in an actual building. Additionally there are tax benefits to using a mobile dental service. More importantly, mobile dental services help those with health care issues. Many mobile dental services allow access and help children who are Medicaid-eligible. The mobile dental vans travel to schools to treat students who come from a low income family. Not only does this help the children whose dental hygiene is very important, but it helps the parents of the children as well. With mobile dental services, parents do not need to worry about the health of their children’s teeth.

There Is No Wait Time Or Frustration Of A Dental Office

Since mobile dental services are performed in vans and they arrive at the location of the patient, there is no wait time. Patients do not need to wait, and wait, and wait, in a waiting room for a dentist to see them. Sometimes, the waiting is the worst part of a dentist appointment. With mobile dental services, the patient is called at practically the exact moment the van arrives. No waiting. If there are multiple patients at a location, (like a school) the other patients are able to resume their activities until it’s their turn. These patients do not have to sit and wait. Additionally, the dentist and staff also benefit because they do not need to worry about canceled and late appointments.

Dentists And Staff Pride Themselves On High-Quality Care

For those who may be hesitant on utilizing the services of mobile dental vans, the dentists and staff pride themselves on high-quailty care. Those who run mobile dental services, make sure people have access to dental care no matter their status, age, location, etc. Their knowledge, practices, approaches, and equipment are appropriate and safe for patients. They help with all your dental needs, and really care.