Childrens dentist

When’s the last time you went to the family dentist?

Oral hygiene is an invaluable skill to teach from a young age. This is because our teeth and gums are highly susceptible to all sorts of issues and a minor lapse in our health can lead to expensive (and painful!) issues down the road. From teaching your children to floss twice per day to encouraging them to eat more healthy, there are lots of ways you can make sure you’re creating a solid foundation for your family. When in doubt? A trip to the family dentist can provide a check-up, a teeth cleaning session and a consultation to ensure proper oral health is a year-round phenomenon.

Here are five simple ways of making sure you and your children don’t have extra cavities to deal with this year.

Schedule Teeth Cleaning Twice Per Year

Teeth cleaning is a deep procedure necessary to break up plaque and eliminate bacteria accumulated over the months. A childrens dentist will likely recommend your child not just visit the dentist for a yearly cleaning, but twice to ensure they’re on the up and up. Dental professionals (such as those at the Smilez Pediatric Dental Group) have gained advanced training in the more proper ways of employing and monitoring the use of dental sedation, perfect for those more intensive surgeries should a teeth cleaning session reveal more serious problems beneath the surface.

Encourage Less Consumption Of Sugary Drinks

Everyone loves sugary drinks and treats. Unfortunately, these can lead to some serious cavities and gum disease when paired with poor oral hygiene. Believe it or not, energy drinks are considered quite harmful to a person’s teeth. Researchers recently found that regular exposure to drinks such as Monster or Red Bull resulted in twice as much enamel loss as exposure to sports drinks such as Powerade or Gatorade. While a little now and again is fine, try to swap these out with juices or teas to give your teeth a break.

Swap Out Old Toothbrushes For New Ones

This is a lesser-known good habit that can make a serious difference in your oral health. Brushing your teeth regularly is necessary to cut into plaque and massage the gums, creating a healthy mouth ready to take on the world. When the toothbrush has bristles that are bent, soft or worn out? It’s unable to do its job ebbing away the day’s grime. It’s recommended by most family dentist clinics you swap out your toothbrush every two to three months or as soon as it starts showing some wear and tear.

Use Mouthwash Once Or Twice Per Day

Mouthwash is a necessary addition alongside flossing and brushing. Brushing helps remove plaque and keep gums healthy, flossing makes sure hard-to-reach bacteria is removed and a proper rinse fills in the gaps…literally. Even your home’s water system has a small amount of fluoride in order to keep teeth as healthy as possible. A 2012 study provided by the Journal Of Pediatric Dentistry found more than 65% of parents using bottled water for their children’s lunch or soccer practice didn’t actually know how much fluoride was inside. When in doubt? Just use some Listerine after a meal and swish for 30 seconds or so.

Encourage Regular Flossing Morning And Night

This good habit can’t possibly be overstated. Not when flossing often means the difference between happy gums and repeated trips to the family dentist for new cavities. A pediatric dentist is also deeply familiar with the difficulties of getting children to form these good habits. A little encouragement in the form of sugar-free snacks can go a long way to cement a solid habit, saving you and your children the frustration of constantly moving back and forth between the dentist. A family dentist will make sure you’re covered when it comes to fluoride toothpaste, mouthrinse and sturdy toothbrushes.

Not sure about your last trip to the family dentist? Clear that up with a location in your area and make 2018 the best year for bright smiles yet.