Old bridge dentist

Did you know that “toothbrushes” can be dated back as far as 3500 BC when Babylonians use to chew on sticks from aromatic trees to clean their teeth. Now it probably goes without saying that they could have used a Staten Island dental professional to help them out with all that stick gnashing, but it was probably better than nothing. Jumping ahead a bit, the first mass produced toothbrush came into being in 1780, when an English prisoner drilled small holed in a cattle bone and glued bunches of boar bristles through the holes. Again, a dentist Staten Island would probably have helped these guys out quite a bit, but innovation is a slow process. In modern times, the first nylon toothbrush bristles were introduced in 1938, and toothpaste came into general use in the 19th century. Now all these innovations were definitely helped revolutionize the world of dentistry and now a days, we can reap the benefits of all that progress with trained dentist Staten Island.

Dental implants have a 98 percent success rate nowadays and there are dental implants Staten Island available now. No need to walk around with big gaping holes in your mouth. Get implants today and start looking, feeling, and eating in a whole new light.

Regardless of the work you need done, let a dentist Staten Island help you to get your mouth back on track today. Need veneers new jersey? Or how about dental implants NJ? Let a dentist Staten Island get you on the road to recovery with all their top quality services to return your smile to its full brilliance. Don’t want to go all the way to Staten Island? No problem, there is a New Jersey dentist waiting for you to make an appointment today.

The only thing worse than cavities is not getting them taken care of. As much as many of us hate the sound of the dental drill, what we hate much more than that is the feeling of some dentist yanking your tooth out of your mouth. No one wants to have a tooth pulled, so make sure to see you dentist Staten Island and get those cavities taken care of before they grow into something far more serious.

So regardless if you need an implant, a filling, or whichever one of the many services offered, find a dentist Staten Island now and get those teeth fixed. Continue.