Cosmetic dentistry

A smile is worth its weight in gold. This is more than just a metaphor, to boot. A flattering and bright smile has been proven to be one of the most long-lasting impressions a person can make in any area of their life. On the other hand, many find their self-esteem dwindling significantly at the sight of crooked teeth, brown spots and yellow patches. Cosmetic dentistry is a subset of dental services that focus on the visual aspect of a healthy mouth, correcting minor to major details with the aim to make you feel better about you and your future.

What, exactly, is so appealing about a nice smile? This psychology goes back for many hundreds, even thousands, of years. Psychological studies have long since analyzed why Americans, in particular, place so much emphasis on a huge smile. Over 70% of American adults feel an unattractive smile can actually hurt their career success. A similar study saw the majority of respondents believing a poor or unattractive smile could affect their dating prospects. If you’ve felt similarly, trust that a cosmetic dentist or your local oral surgeons can help.

A frequent issue that causes many to delay a visit to the dentist is that of crooked teeth. Because of the perceived time it takes to correct this error, many delay and delay and end up making their issue worse. Over 30% of people in a recent survey say they are actively concerned about the look of their teeth. When you combine this with over 170 million people in the country missing one or two teeth, it stands to reason these misconceptions need to be cleared as soon as possible.

Invisalign braces is one of the best ways of correcting crooked teeth without going through the frustration of cumbersome, highly visible and time-consuming braces. These can correct the upper teeth or lower teeth, depending on your needs, and yield results that are just as powerful as traditional methods. Crooked teeth aren’t the only troubles that cause people to cover their mouth in group photos, however, and you can find many more methods to suit you when you visit a dentist.

Brown spots and yellowing are also common issues that cause many to struggle with over-the-counter solutions that just don’t work. Rather than visiting the grocery store for whitening strips that don’t do the trick, consider visiting a cosmetic dentist to buff out your smile and bring back its previous splendor. Some of the most frequent contributions to yellowing and brown spots is the regular consumption of caffeine as well as smoking. If you fit any of these bills, there’s a teeth whitening session waiting for you.

You also have mouth health to consider. While blemishes and spots can be signs of deteriorating mouth health, it’s a case-by-case basis that can be diagnosed with the aid of oral surgeons. It’s estimated one person in the United States dies from oral cancer every hour of every day, making this one of the more common and easily prevented forms of cancer in the country. Another issue you may have is periodontal disease, a painful infection of the gums that can cause bleeding, pain and stiffness in the jaw.

Americans spend over $1 billion on teeth whitening products every year. Why not skip all the extra costs and get a result that will last? A cosmetic dentist or your nearby oral surgeons can assist with everything from crooked teeth to yellowing, bringing back that confidence you thought long since lost. It’s highly recommended children see a dentist every six months or so to prevent the onset of cavities, while adults should drop by once per year or so.

No matter the issue you have, there’s a new smile just around the corner. Let oral surgeons help you out.