History of toothbrush

If you are curious about toothbrush history then you will find that the actual creation of the toothbrush goes farther back than most people realize. The original toothbrush was invented by the Chinese in ancient times, who made the object out of bristles taken from the backs of pigs. Toothpaste was also invented in Asia, back during 500 BC. Both modern toothbrushes and modern toothpaste are quite dramatically different from their original counterparts. The first implement to actually be called a toothbrush was in 1690, when it was referenced in an autobiography in English. Since then, the history of the toothbrush has taken many twists in turns.

As information about dental health grew, so did the popularity of the toothbrush itself, although there were still many who did not know about the links between dental health and issues with mouth infection. Reading about toothbrush history can give you an interesting perspective on the nature of human invention, medicine, and disease control, as well as the changes in human dietary habits which have led to the increased need for things such as dental floss and mouth wash. If you look at toothbrush history then you will notice that the increased need for them coincides with an increase in more manufactured food items, a link which is by no means coincidental. Although breath control is a factor to consider in the history of toothbrush development, dietary habits play a key role in the need for the toothbrush. Processed foods, such as grains, sugar, and more, can all cause dental damage.

A teeth wiki can give you more information on the link between the popularity of these foods and the different dental needs that nations can have, but toothbrush history itself also takes some interesting turns when the development of the electric toothbrush comes into play. At first just the domain of dentists and the more traditional rotating toothbrush head, toothbrush history can show you how the first electric toothbrushes became popular, and how other tools, such as water picks, eventually became more widely used in the home. A look into toothbrush history can show you different toothbrushes from around the world, from 600 BC to 2013, and where you can expect toothbrushes to go next. Although the topic itself may not be exciting, the history of toothbrush production and use is a guide to much more about our habits and our health.