Toothbrush history

The history of the toothbrush is quite an interesting one. Of course, thousands of years ago people were not necessarily using the toothbrushes that we see today. Just like nearly everything else in life, things were invented and they evolve over time. The same goes for the modern toothbrush, which has its roots dating back several centuries.

In fact, even before there were historical records to indicate when the toothbrush was officially invented, people were using some form of toothbrushes to clean their teeth and gums. They may have used bristles that would clean in between their teeth, or they may have chewed on foods that were known to have improved their breath and their smiles. People knew way back when that oral health was important, and though they may not have officially used a toothbrush and dental floss to clean their gums and teeth, they at least were using something.

So the history of the toothbrush fits in well with this history, because as far back as 1600 BC people were using some semblance of what we would consider today to be a toothbrush. One look at a teeth wiki brings up fascinating historical facts about archaeological digs in which people discovered that humans thousands of years ago were using something like a toothbrush to maintain their oral health. These digs occurred mostly in Africa and India, though digs around the globe have produced much of the same thing. Toothbrush history, then, is quite a long and fascinating one, considering how far we have come.

From Europe and Africa to Asia and parts of North and South America, the history of the toothbrush has evolved over the centuries as well. The modern toothbrush was not invented until a few centuries ago, but the history of toothbrush use pre dates these times significantly. In any research that anyone has to do to discover the history of the toothbrush, a wiki page or even a visit to the website of a nationally recognized dental association helps. These resources uncover both the history of the toothbrush and the history of other kinds of oral care devices, from flossers to electric toothbrushes to the various technologies that dentists use today to maintain people’s teeth. So dental students, kids in grade school and others can populate their research papers by uncovering the history of the toothbrush using these strong resources, which detail every facet of the history of the toothbrush.