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Today, the toothbrush is a societal necessity in most first world countries. Taking care of ones teeth is important and the awareness of dental hygiene is at its height, right now. If you decide to read through the teeth wiki articles you will be able to find extensive information on how to care for your teeth and where the history of the toothbrush started.

There have been various types toothbrushes that have been used over the years. According to the teeth wiki and toothbrush history, chew sticks, tree twigs, bird feathers, animal bones and porcupine quills have all been used as a type of toothbrush in the past. It has been discovered that the earliest forms of toothbrushes were found in India and Africa, where the earliest remains of human life have been discovered, so it makes a lot of sense. According to the toothbrush and teeth wiki the earliest toothbrush that has been discovered is from 1600 B.C.

When you read through the teeth wiki looking at the history of toothbrushes, you will find out that the first bristle toothbrush was found in China from the Tang Dynasty days somewhere between 619 and 907. It was made from a hog bristles.

Some toothbrushes are built for convenience, according to the teeth wiki. There is one called the chewable toothbrush which is made small and without a handle. You put it in your mouth and chew on it, without swallowing, so you can clean your teeth in a quick way, if necessary.

Since toothbrushes are made out of plastic, companies have wanted to start making toothbrushes that are more bio degradable. According to the teeth wiki, companies that make toothbrushes are also making disposable toothbrush heads for toothbrushes, in addition to being bio degradable.