Eighteen percent of people say that they will usually conceal their teeth when taking a photo and 31 percent of people surveyed said that they are insecure about the appearance of their teeth. A dentist can give you the dental care you need to enhance your smile and keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

Cleanings and Preventions

A trip to the dentist is intimidating for most people. Dentists recommend coming in for a cleaning and checkup at least once a year, but the average person tends to come in once every three years. It’s understandable to be nervous about going to the dentist if you have had painful experiences in the past, but one of the best ways to avoid cavities and tooth removal is to consistently visit your dentist for a basic dental care cleaning and checkup.

A standard dental care procedure will involve taking x-rays, an oral cancer screening, and a deep cleaning. This simple, yearly procedure can help prevent cavities and serious diseases.

Cosmetic Dentistry

It can be difficult to find confidence in your smile when you have missing or broken teeth. A simple cosmetic procedure can help put confidence back into your smile.

A big part of cosmetic dentistry is filling crowns and replacing broken teeth. Many people are worried about getting a cavity filled because they don’t want to have a silver or gold filling that distracts from the rest of their smile. Luckily, the way that technology has advanced for dental care procedures has made it possible to replace a tooth or filling with a porcelain filling that matches the shade of your teeth.

Some people seeking cosmetic dental care may need multiple teeth replaced but do not necessarily require dentures. These types of situations call for dental implants or fixed bridges. Both procedures are permanent solutions to large gaps of missing teeth.

Oral Exams

One of the biggest benefits of going to the dentist every year is getting a routine oral exam. During these oral exams, your dentist will run tests to look for any signs of oral cancer and give you the information needed if the tests turn out to be positive. This can be a life-saving exam that you don’t want to miss.

Remember the trick to having a healthy smile comes down to what you are doing before your yearly check-up. Make sure to brush and floss twice a day and stay away from sweets and acidic foods to keep your teeth strong and healthy year-round.