Toothbrush history

When searching for information on the history of the toothbrush, a teeth wiki can be a valuable resource. By consulting a teeth wiki, one does not only learn about the history of toothbrush, but the history of almost everything related to dental care. However, for individuals who must know the answer to a specific question about toothbrush history, a teeth wiki is a fine resource. For instance, a naive person is asked if they know that the toothbrush was invented in West Virginia, to which they respond in the negative. As this is the intended response, the jokester replies, that is why it is called a tooth brush; if it were invented anywhere else, it would have been called a teethbrush. Although this is a rather corny joke, one might become curious about the true origin of the toothbrush. As such, he or she decides to consult a teeth wiki.

On a teeth wiki one will find more exciting information about the toothbrush than he or she can handle. They will not only find out the who, what, where, when, and how about toothbrush history, but a complete history of dental hygiene. On a teeth wiki, one will discover that the first toothbrush is believed to date back to the Tang Dynasty in China, and was invented sometime between the seventh and tenth centuries. Depending on whose research you believe, the bristles of the first toothbrushes consisted of either the hair of swine or horse hair. However, based on one hypothesis, pig hair was used early on, and then later it was found that horse hair was a better material for scrubbing away the grime.

However, if one specifically consults a teeth wiki to find the history of the toothbrush in the West, he or she will not find much until the eighteenth century. While there is evidence that some ancient Greeks and Romans did practice dental hygiene, it was usually in the form of tooth powder, which was derived from the bones of different animal species. Actually, the first evidence of the toothbrush in the west, is attributed to the Englishman William Addis. According to the teeth wiki, Mr. Addis created his toothbrush while serving time in jail for inciting a riot. Interestingly, his invention was similar to the first toothbrush that was invented 1000 years earlier in China. It consisted of bone and boar bristle.