How to brush your teeth correctly

We all know that brushing our teeth is important, but it is much less common to actually think about why it is important to brush your teeth. It is crucial to incorporate this kind of thought process, including dental hygiene tips, at an early age. If you establish good oral hygiene for kids, they are much more likely to continue those good habits as adults.

It starts by showing your children how to correctly brush your teeth, covering all the surfaces of the teeth, and not just the front but the backs and sides of the teeth as well. It is equally crucial to emphasize how long to brush your teeth. The appropriate amount of time is two minutes.

To reinforce these and other dental hygiene tips, it may be wise to incorporate brush your teeth games. If you have multiple children, you may want to make it a competition to see who can remember to brush their teeth twice daily for the longest period of time. You could use a special privilege as reward, whether it be staying up a little later than usual, getting to choose the family movie, or some other similar incentive.

Do you have questions about how to more effectively teach good oral hygiene to your kids? Do you have tips for other parents that have worked for you with your family? Share them in the comments section below.