History of the toothbrush

There are few people who really think about toothbrush history. This truth is, however, that toothbrushes have evolved over time much like other types of self care items. From the earliest toothbrushes to the teeth wiki of today, learning the history of the toothbrush can be a fascinating journey.

Many people wonder about the toothbrush history of earlier times and how people cared for their teeth. There are few items of concrete evidence that point to how people in prehistoric times cared for their teeth. Many people think they used leaves to remove grime and the like from their teeth. In other instances, people who theorized that perhaps certain herbs or plants were chewed, then spit out, in order to freshen the breath and to counteract the effects of certain foods. In reality, however, the history of toothbrush can not really establish how the people of this time period care for their teeth, if they even did so at all.

It was not too long into history that people learned the importance of toothbrushes. The first president of the United States, George Washington, had a set of wooden teeth due to the fact that his real teeth were uncared for and they rotted away. According to evidence about toothbrush history, the first toothbrushes were made of animal hair.

Of course, a conversation about toothbrush history would not be complete without a discussion about toothpastes. At first, toothpaste did not contain fluoride. It was only later that fluoride was added in order to help make the teeth stronger. Today, there is an almost endless choice when it comes to both kinds of toothbrushes as well as the types of toothpastes that can be used with them.