Family dentist

One visit with the Fredericksburg VA dentist and you will learn a great deal. It is not often that a cosmetic dentist in fredericksburg va will sit down with you and explain the intricacies of the dental world. The Fredericksburg VA dentist explains that dental floss first origination in 1882 and was in fact made of silk! If that does not surprise you then ask any dentist va has and they will tell you more and more! The family dentist many see is also a Fredericksburg VA dentist and he credits China with the invention of tooth brushes in 1498. While it surely does not sound appetizing to know that they were made of boar bristles, it is definitely a great invention considering that without these brushes we would all be at risk for tooth decay. The Fredericksburg VA dentist explains tooth decay as being more common that the common cold. While the Fredericksburg, VA dentist continues to explain that a Woodbridge VA dentist is also versed in dental care, together there is not enough man power to clean an armadillo’s teeth! Those armadillos have over one hundred teeth! That is a lot of enamel! Especially considering that it is the hardest surface in the human body! You would have to call in the dentist in Montclair VA to help with that!